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Committee Meeting Schedule:

On hold

Committee Conveners:

Katie Wilt (


The mission of the YCRC Health Committee is to identify and work to remove barriers to health and coordinate with local Stepping up Initiative.


Katie Wilt - YCRC Health Committee Co-Chair

Dianna Benaknin - YCRC Health Committee Co-Chair

Betsy Anderson

Jennifer Barmore        

Debra Bell

Amy Chidester 

Sharon Collare  

Lisa Cooper   

Ann Crisci-Perez          

Michele Crosson          

Corey Erhard 

Amy Evans     

Casey Fogle   

Audrey Gladfelter       

Dr. Matt Howie

Tiffani Kleiser

Nicole Long    

Theresa Sellers 

Robert Willis


  • Increase the number of inmates with Medical Assistance activated / reactivated at or near time of release

  • Develop mechanisms to share information between York County Prison, community health systems and partners for improved health equity of reentrants

  • Understand differences in York County Prison and Primary Care Provider outpatient provider information needs and build communication bridge

  • Increase referrals to Special Programs Team to include all reentrants with identified healthcare needs, not just Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

  • Define successful transition with good continuity of care for several subsets of reentrants

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