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The mission of the York County Reentry Coalition (YCRC) is to develop partnerships with governmental agencies, the business community, faith-based entities and service providers. This collaborative effort will support reentrants and their families through risks / needs identification, education, treatment, and ongoing skill development.

The YCRC shall promote the use of evidence- and trauma-based assessments, practices and interventions to help the reentrant internalize and engage in prosocial law-abiding behaviors to improve their quality of life, break the cycle of recidivism, and restore their dignity.

Our Mission

Our Vision

The vision of the York County Reentry Coalition (YCRC) is to help reentrants increase their quality of life by supporting their personal development, which will improve the York community by reducing recidivism, increasing public safety, and enhancing economic growth.

Our Guiding Principles

In the creation of the YCRC, the group identified these guiding principles:

  • Improvement of our reentry resources and processes to benefit the whole community.

  • There are no "second class citizens" - everyone matters.

  • Collaboration is essential.

  • Increasing the number of advocates for reentry in our community.

  • The avoidance of unrealistic expectations. People will not change on a schedule, nor will they necessarily have the needs we expect of them.

  • The work of the Coalition receives and assumes continued support from the criminal justice system (whether local, state, or federal.)

About YCRC

The York Country Reentry Coalition (YCRC) was created in September 2016 to connect those leaving prison and reentering society in York County with available resources. The main goal of the YCRC is to help these men and women during a time of transition in their lives by providing education, access to resources such as housing, and guidance on how to move forward after prison.

The YCRC is made up of more than 100 individuals, agencies and organizations devoted to providing reentry programs and support to those returning to society. The members of these agencies are part of the YCRC because they want to help, and they care about providing assistance to individuals transitioning from prison back to society. This large network of resources is made up of government agencies, local businesses, faith-based entities and service providers. By combining the resources of these organizations, the YCRC provides reentry assistance services including interviews, education, various treatment options, and ongoing skills development. Support and guidance are also offered to family members who have questions or need direction as their loved ones leave prison.

When using the resources provided by the YCRC, those ending their prison sentence can expect to build relationships while getting the specific assistance they need to make sure they are on the right track to succeed after prison. The members are simply people helping people create safer and healthier communities, restore lives and families, and ensure access to resources for other community needs.

Our First Five Years: 2016 - 2021

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YCRC 5 year retrospective.gathering steam.jpg
YCRC 5 year retrospective.forward momentum.jpg
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